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Enter into the wonderful & sumptuous world of a Wealthy Wife® Muse in Training… Enjoy over 25 hours of audios lessons (See the course curriculum), downloadable pdfs, & monthly group Google Meet calls (Up to 3 calls/month) which will teach you how to become an ultimate muse. An unforgettable & irresistible woman for whom life has to offer the most exquisite & fulfilling life experiences. This 12 month online academy course was created for the woman who is ready to enjoy & savor her personal (Vision) quest: The personal journey which enables her to learn about, know, adore, & love herself. Think of this magnificent course as an investment in your abundant, joyful, & luxurious life. This course offers you the opportunity to open your heart & mind to money, life, & love. It helps you gain greater awareness then, clarity around your desires & dreams. Remember, the Wealthy Wife® ‘3’… “Who are you?”… “What do you desire?”… “Why?” 3 of the most powerful 3 questions you will ever ask yourself. 3 of the most important questions you can continue to ask yourself. When you look-through the curriculum you will notice it covers a variety of topics: Communication skills, creation of your personal persona, how to create & establish a great love life, unlocking your feminine grace & ease, tapping into your sensuality, & so much more. You are a woman who is ready to be & do more than the average person. You are ready to become a true game changer… The Muse. So, go ahead & click on the button to enroll. Once enrolled you will gain access to the fabulous world of this first layer of a Wealthy Wife® Muse. I am looking forward to meeting you. Ms. Sofia

    1. Wealthy Wife®‘s Become a Muse Introduction

    2. Wealthy Wife® Sumptuous Living Monthly Journal

    1. A Muse is Unique

    2. The Muse is Unique Worksheet

    3. Become a Muse Class 1 Supplement Audio

    4. Test Your Learning

    1. What is Your Wealthy Wife® Muse Beauty Archetype? Part 1

    2. What is Your Wealthy Wife® Muse Beauty Archetype? Part 2

    1. What Muselike Qualities Do You Possess?

    2. What Muse-like Qualities Do You Possess?

    3. Test Your Learning

    1. Become Fearless

    2. 101 Plus Words for Powerful “I Am” Statements

    3. Test Your Learning

    1. You Are the Inspiration

    2. You Are the Inspiration!

    3. Test Your Learning

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